With All the Fixin’s: What to Put in Black Tea

August 5, 2022

Most people tend to be rather traditional when it comes to drinking black tea.

They may sweeten it a little, perhaps add some milk, but that is about it.

If you are looking to get creative, though, you may be trying to think of what to put into black tea.

Well, the truth is that there is quite a lot that can be added to this drink.

Here is a rundown of why and how to add various ingredients to your black tea…

The Best Ways to Drink Black Tea

Before moving onto the more unusual additions to black tea, let’s first begin with the basics.

Here is a quick guide on how to make black tea taste good without getting fancy.

How to Make Black Tea with Milk

Black tea can be rather strong for some. This is why many people choose to add milk to the beverage.

It helps to reduce the strength without diluting the flavor. Milk can also add a creamy texture to the drink.

However, there are some rules to follow when adding milk to tea.

When it comes to dairy milk, you will often find that whole milk is your best option.

Low-fat milk is too watery and will dilute the flavor of the tea.

On the other hand, half-and-half can be too overpowering and mask the subtle notes of the black tea.

You should also be careful of how you add the milk to your tea.

First of all, brew your tea in a separate mug or pot.

Then, pour the milk into the mug or cup that you will be using.

Add the tea that you have brewed after this.

Doing so will ensure that the milk is heated more evenly, preventing the proteins in the milk from denaturing.

In turn, this will result in a far more pleasant tasting tea.

How to Sweeten Black Tea

Sugar is the most obvious way to sweeten black tea.

However, it doesn’t really do all that much to your cuppa.

So, if you want to sweeten your tea and make more of a flavor impact, try honey instead.

Honey has plenty of subtle notes that add warmth and a more complex flavor profile to your tea.

It can also be a healthier option.

If you do decide to add honey instead of sugar, make sure that the unique flavors of the honey aren’t overpowering any specific notes in your black tea.

Ways to Drink Black Tea

Best Things to Put in Black Tea

Now, let’s take a look at all the different ingredients that you can add to black tea to get the best tasting black tea:

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Cinnamon is actually an excellent addition to black tea.

This is especially true if you are looking to add flavor and complexity to your black tea.

Cinnamon imparts a hint of spicy sweetness to your tea.

It works particularly well in hot tea.

Simply add a stick of cinnamon in your tea as it steeps.

This should do the trick.

Masala Chai Mix

If you love the taste of spices with your tea, then a masala chai mix could be just what you need.

Now, the exact ingredients in masala chai can vary.

The drink can include green cardamom, cinnamon, fennel seeds, black pepper, fresh ginger, star anise, and more.

If you have never tried masala chai before, a little experimenting may be in order.

It will help to narrow down what spices you enjoy most.

Keep in mind that there is no need to have to stick to a particular set of ingredients.

You can choose to get as creative as you like.

Thus, you are free to add any spices that you may feel will help to make black tea taste better to you.

Fresh or Dried Fruit

Fruits are a great addition to black tea.

In addition to imparting their own flavors, they also add natural sweetness to the drink.

Fruit infusions typically are for iced teas.

One option is to make a syrup from the fruits and add it to the tea.

Or, you can allow the fruits to steep in the tea for an extended period of time. This is known as the cold brew process.

Of course, it is just as possible to enjoy the taste of fruit with hot teas.

Once again, you can simply add a freshly made fresh fruit syrup to the beverage.

Or, toss in some fresh or dried fruit into your cup, along with your tea leaves or teabag.

Then, pour in the hot water and allow the fruits to steep for a while.

For a stronger flavor, keep the fruits in your cup even after the leaves have been removed.

Things to Put in Black Tea

Black tea doesn’t have to be bland or boring. If you don’t enjoy the taste of this tea, simply make the changes suggested above.

These are sure to spice up your cup in a myriad of ways. And, you always have the option to experiment with your own signature blend.

If you want to learn more about improving the taste of tea, check out our Pinterest page. There will be plenty of flavor additions and infusions to learn about.

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