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Its Chilling Time: Here are the Best Iced Tea Makers for All Your Needs

August 5, 2022

There is nothing more refreshing than an iced tea on a hot day. The downside, though, is that it can be tricky to whip up a good drink.

If traditional methods are failing you, then it is time to find an iced tea maker. This kitchen tool doesn’t just produce a delicious iced tea – it also makes the job a whole lot easier to boot.

Of course, if you truly want to enjoy the best of both worlds, then you need to select the best-iced tea maker for you.

The good news is that this post will help you do just this. Let’s get cracking!

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How to Select the Right Iced Tea Brewer for You

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Now, there's a good chance that you’ve never had to pick out an iced tea maker before. Therefore, you may not be sure what to be on the lookout for.

Well, the following section will give you an idea of what features you should focus on when choosing a sweet tea maker.

basic iced tea

Types of Iced Tea Makers

There are two main types of iced tea makers – manual and electric.

With manual models, the tea is essentially allowed to brew in cold water. These accommodate both loose leaf tea as well as teabags.

The main benefit of this type of iced tea maker is that they are relatively simple and quite affordable. Not to mention, they are often compact, allowing them to be stored easily.

Automatic iced tea makers, on the other hand, brew iced tea in a similar way to coffee. As such, the process is quick and you only have to wait minutes before your iced tea is ready.

Naturally, these models are pricier and bulkier to boot.


You will realize that iced tea maker pitchers are made from either glass or plastic.

Each of these has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Now, with plastic pitchers, you don’t have to worry about dropping the container and breaking it. On top of this, the pitchers are a lot lighter as well.

You may also be concerned about the plastic leaching into your drink over time. Thus, it is best to opt for BPA-free plastic, just to be on the safe side.

While glass iced tea makers may be on the heavier side and certainly more breakable, they are also more attractive.

Furthermore, they tend to keep your tea chilled for longer as well.

In case you are looking for a more heavy-duty version, consider carafes made from borosilicate glass. These tend to be sturdier. 


Are you planning on brewing iced tea for yourself or will you be treating others as well?

This is something you need to ask yourself when looking at the iced tea makers’ capacity.

If you are buying one for solo use, then get a pitcher with a smaller quantity – perhaps just a cup or two. In case you need one for travel purposes, look for one that serves a single person.

For a bigger party, you will naturally need a larger capacity pitcher. The exact amount will depend on how many people you are planning to serve at once.

Some models can brew several gallons at the same time.

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The Top Iced Tea Maker Reviews

Now that you know what to look for, let’s head to the top iced tea makers on the market. Here are our reviews:

iced tea and cupcakes

Best Manual Iced Tea Pots

To begin with, let’s consider the top manual iced tea makers.

Luxury Pick

12,696 Reviews
Is style as important as quality? If so, the Ovalware iced tea maker will be the perfect match for you. It’s great for serving guests and promises the most delicious, freshest iced tea.

What We Like:

  • High-Quality Infuser: the infuser is a superfine, laser-cut filter made from medical-grade steel. As such, it ensures that the leaves remain trapped inside the basket, preventing any debris from making its way into your cup.
  • Versatile Brewing Methods: you can either brew the tea the traditional way and then cool it or use cold water to make your iced tea more quickly. This model allows you to pick your preference.
  • Maintains Freshness: the pitcher contains a tight seal that maintains the freshness of the tea for longer. You won’t have to worry about any flavors or odors seeping in from the outside.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Fragile Pitcher: the glass pitcher is quite delicate so you have to be careful about how you handle it.

Value Pick

309 Reviews
If you want an easy way to make iced tea without breaking the bank, the Komax Triton maker can help you out. It is a must-have for any iced tea-loving family.

What We Like:

  • Pour Over Method: with this maker, you simply pour the water over the tea leaf-filled infuser, allowing the water to start absorbing the flavor right away. This method is a lot easier as well.
  • Twist and Pour Spout: the twist and pour spout make it simple to pour out the tea as needed. As a bonus, the spout is also completely leak-proof.
  • Temperature-Resistant Pitcher: you can steep your tea at boiling temperatures or very cold ones. The pitcher is completely resistant to extreme temperatures.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Small, Short Infuser: the infuser is quite small, limiting the type of leaves you can brew. What’s more, you have to fill the pitcher with water before the brewing process can be completed.

Our Pick

6,375 Reviews
Don’t have the patience to wait for your iced tea to cool down but don’t want to splurge on an electric machine either? In that case, you will find that the Takeya model will meet all your requirements and more.

What We Like:

  • Flash Chill Technology: you can brew this tea with piping hot water as the flash chill method allows you to chill your tea to the perfect temperature, simply by adding ice and shaking. You don’t have to wait for your iced tea to cool anymore.
  • Great-Tasting Brew: due to this particular brewing method, the tea isn’t diluted in any way. As such, you get a stronger, more delicious drink to enjoy.
  • Easy to Pour: the spout on the pitcher makes it easy to pour into several glasses without spilling a drop.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Tall Design: the tall design might make it difficult for you to store this pitcher in your refrigerator, depending on the model you have.

Best Electric Iced Tea Maker

If you want iced tea with minimal fuss, these are the top iced tea machines to consider:

Luxury Pick

1,964 Reviews
This is a rather versatile model, ensuring that you brew your iced tea just the way you want it.

What We Like:

  • Can Select Brewing Strength: you can select the brewing strength of your tea so that it’s as mild or robust as you like.
  • Quick Brewing Cycle: you will only have to wait a few minutes for your tea to be brewed. This is true even if you are brewing a larger amount.
  • Easy to Clean: it is easy to take apart the various components and clean them thoroughly.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Delicate Pitcher: the pitcher is quite thin so you have to take care when handling it or you may risk damaging it.

Value Pick

3,424 Reviews
Even at an affordable cost, the Brentwood iced tea maker has all the features and components you need. You will be able to brew a delicious drink without any issue at all.

What We Like:

  • Easy to Work: with a simple on and off function, you can brew your iced tea quickly and easily, without any hassle at all.
  • Useful Functions: there are many useful functions on this budget model including auto shut off, strength selection, and more.
  • Cute Design: the model does boast a rather cute design, ensuring that it is a focal point in your kitchen.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Average Build Quality: the build quality isn’t all that great so there is no guarantee of how long the machine will last.

Our Pick

42 Reviews
If you are looking for an iced tea maker that can offer up something extra, this is the best model for you. This versatile machine will provide you with endless iced tea recipes to try.

What We Like:

  • Full-Bodied Iced Tea: this system has been designed to extract all the color and flavor from the tea leaves or the bags. Thus, you can enjoy a more complex glass of iced tea.
  • Can Add Flavor: the flavor extraction chamber allows you to add all kinds of flavorings and herbs, allowing you to infuse your tea with your favorite flavors.
  • Precise Settings: the strength settings are incredibly precise, making it easy for you to determine just how strong your tea should be.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Thin Glass Pitcher: the glass pitcher is thinly made so you have to be careful when handling and cleaning it.

Best Travel Iced Tea Maker

Who says you can’t have homemade ice tea on the go? These travel-sized iced tea makers prove otherwise!

Luxury Pick

6,288 Reviews
Want to make several cups of iced tea during the day with minimal hassle?Well, this ingenious travel teapot will help you do just this.

What We Like:

  • Brews Superior Tea: you can brew your iced tea the right way with this teapot. As a result, you get a stronger and tastier brew.  
  • Mess-Free Use: since the teapot fits directly over cups, you can easily pour it into your preferred mug without making any mess at all.
  • Can Brew Larger Quantities: this teapot is a bit larger than most other travel options. Due to this, you can brew a larger amount in one go.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Tricky to Clean: there are a lot of components to this teapot which can make it tricky to clean thoroughly.

Value Pick

373 Reviews
If you want to cold brew your iced tea, then it won’t get any easier than with this iced tea maker. You can have icy, undiluted tea wherever you go.

What We Like:

  • Creates Strong Brew: since you can infuse cold water directly with the tea leaves, you get a purer and stronger brew without any dilution at all.
  • Maintains Freshness: this boasts an excellent seal that prevents other odors or flavors from getting into your iced tea.
  • Portable Design: the bottle has been designed to be incredibly portable. You can take it wherever you go.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not the Greatest Quality: the quality does seem a little questionable and it is difficult to know how long it will last.

Our Pick

1,019 Reviews
If you want to make quick iced tea but also need to take it with you, this is the model you need. The brewer meets all these requirements and more.

What We Like:

  • Quick Cooling Method: with the internal ice chamber, you can cool down your tea within a very short time. Best of all, you won't need to dilute your drink too much either.
  • Great for Loose Leaf Tea: this is an excellent device if you enjoy drinking higher quality loose leaf tea. You can brew a strong and delicious drink.
  • Stylish Design: thanks to the stylish design, you can take this iced tea maker with you wherever you go. It will fit in with any environment.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Lower Tea Quantity: this iced tea maker doesn’t have room for too much tea so you will have to keep brewing new batches.

So, there you have it – the best iced-tea maker for all occasions. You can now enjoy your favorite drink brewed the way you like, whenever you want it.

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