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Here's Your Guide to the Best Decaf Green Tea
 [2020 Update]

If you enjoy the taste of green tea or simply drink it for its health benefits, you will have realized that there is a downside to this beverage.

Although green tea is high in antioxidants, it also contains a fair amount of caffeine. So, drinking several cups a day can leave you feeling jittery and may even impact your sleep routine.

The silver lining, though, is that there are green teas where the caffeine has been removed. If you want to discover what the best decaf green teas are, then this is the post for you!

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Is Decaf Green Tea Completely Caffeine Free?

The main question that you need to answer is this: is green tea caffeine-free?

See, on average, green tea can contain upwards of 24mg of caffeine per 8 ounces. This can vary quite a bit depending on the tea leaves.

These leaves can be processed so that the caffeine is removed. However, there may still be trace amounts remaining in decaf coffee.

Once again, the exact amount will depend on the brand.

Thus, if you are sensitive to caffeine, it is important to continue to monitor your green tea intake. Drinking too many cups may cause side effects.

preparing a cup of  decaf green tea

Is Decaf Green Tea as Healthy?

You may be wondering if decaf green tea is as healthy as the regular version. After all, other components can be removed along with the caffeine.

There has been some research done on this topic. It was found that decaf green tea does have a lower level of antioxidants.

However, this level isn’t significant and you should be able to enjoy similar health benefits when drinking the decaf tea as well.

The Process – Is Green Tea Naturally Decaffeinated?

There are three main methods in which the caffeine can be removed from tea. These are:

  • Methylene Chloride Processing: here, methylene chloride is used as a solvent to draw out the caffeine in the tea. There are two types of such a process – direct and indirect.
  • Ethyl Acetate Processing: this is considered to be a more natural process as ethyl acetate is derived from fruits. In this process, ethyl acetate is used as the solvent.
  • Carbon Dioxide Processing: here, water softened tea leaves are pressure cooked with carbon dioxide. At higher temperatures and pressures, carbon dioxide acts as a solvent, extracting the caffeine.

Therefore, there are only two processes that can claim to be natural.

How to Choose Caffeine Free Green Tea

Now that you are aware of what goes behind the scenes of decaf green tea, here are some tips and tricks for choosing your brand.

Check the Caffeine Level

As mentioned, the caffeine level can vary from one brand to another. As such, you should always check the caffeine content of any green tea that you are considering buying.

In addition to being a deciding factor, the caffeine content will also act as a guide for how many cups of green tea you can drink a day without experiencing any side effects.

Consider the Processing Method

This information isn’t always readily available. However, if you want to know whether your green tea underwent a natural decaffeinating process, you can always check with the manufacturer.

Now, there doesn’t appear to be any health issues caused by methylene chloride. Furthermore, there is no trace of this ingredient in the decaf tea leaves.

Nevertheless, you may want to check for your peace of mind.

woman pouring hot decaf green tea into a glass

Pay Attention to the Ingredient List

Always look at the ingredient list before selecting a particular brand. Make sure that decaffeinated green tea leaves are the only component present. Avoid brands that include any preservatives, additives, or any other ingredients.

Focus on the Quality

When buying decaf green tea, it is easy to get caught up in the decaffeinated aspect of the drink. Regardless, the quality of the tea leaves is still important.

Good quality tea leaves produce a better brew and are often healthier as well. Thus, you should determine the source of your green tea for the best results.

The Decaffeinated Green Tea Brands

Here are the top brands you can select from for a delicious cup of decaf green tea.

The Republic of Tea The People’s Green Tea
44 Reviews
The Republic of Tea The People’s Green Tea
What's great about this brand is that it maintains its dedication to providing you with high-quality tea leaves while still offering a decaffeinated option.
What We Like:
  • Low Caffeine Content: there is only about 2mg per cup of tea with this brand, allowing you to keep your caffeine consumption to a bare minimum.
  • Clean Processing Method: the company uses a carbon dioxide extraction method which helps to preserve the flavor of the green tea as well as the antioxidants.
  • Well-Sourced Leaves: the green tea leaves are unblended and sourced from China, allowing for a far tastier cup of tea.
What We Don’t Like:
  • Pricey: considering that this tea is a rather good quality one, you do have to pay a higher price tag as compensation.
Bigelow Decaffeinated Green Tea
537 Reviews
Bigelow Decaffeinated Green Tea
If you are looking for the most economical option for your decaf green tea, then Bigelow would be it.
What We Like:
  • Minimal Caffeine Content: there is just 1 to 8mg of caffeine per cup, ensuring that you can drink multiple cups a day without getting jittery.
  • Pleasant Taste: this green tea has a light and pleasant taste. Thus, if you are new to green tea, you will enjoy the refreshing flavor.
  • Affordable: if you want to drink green tea rather regularly, Bigelow is one of the most affordable options available to you.
What We Don’t Like:
  • Not the Greatest Quality: the tea leaves aren't the highest quality around. Thus, if you are looking for a more traditional green tea, you may need to look elsewhere.

Twinings of London Decaffeinated Green Tea
10,712 Reviews
Twinings of London Decaffeinated Green Tea
This works well for anyone who wants a good, mid-range cup of decaf green tea.

What We Like:
  • Great Taste: the green tea leaves are selected carefully, ensuring that you get a bright and fresh-tasting tea every time.
  • Naturally Decaffeinated: the manufacturer has stated that the tea is naturally decaffeinated, making it a far healthier choice.
  • Large Quantity: you get plenty of tea bags in a single package – as such, it is a great option for anyone who drinks copious amounts of tea.
What We Don’t Like:
  • Lacking Caffeine Information: there is no clear indication of just how much caffeine is in each tea bag. This can be tricky for people with caffeine sensitivities.

Stash Tea Decaf Green Tea
194 Reviews
Stash Tea Decaf Green Tea
This Stash decaf green tea ticks several boxes with quality, taste, caffeine content, and price. So, it is worth a buy.

What We Like:
  • Low Caffeine Content: there is just 2mg of caffeine for every cup that you brew. Therefore, you can enjoy your green tea all day long.
  • CO2 Extraction Method: the caffeine has been extracted with the help of carbon dioxide which has helped to keep the entire product natural and healthy.
  • Great Flavor: this tea boasts a sweet, nutty flavor.
What We Don’t Like:
  • A Bit Weak: this tea is a bit weak and you may need to use two tea bags for a stronger brew.

Davidson’s Green Tea Bulk
13,590 Reviews
Davidson’s Green Tea Bulk
Want to brew your decaf green tea the traditional way? Davidson’s will allow you to do just this.

What We Like:
  • Minimal Caffeine: 98 percent of the caffeine is removed from this green tea, ensuring that very little is left behind.
  • Natural Extraction Process: the natural extraction process and the organic label of this leaves means that this is one of the healthier and safer options out there.
  • Loose Leaf Tea: you can steep and brew your tea in a more authentic manner. It is quite difficult to find decaf loose leaf teas.
What We Don’t Like:
  • Not Top Quality: the tea leaves aren't the best quality. So, if you enjoy a more nuanced taste, this green tea may not be for you.

Yogi Green Tea Pure Decaf
128 Reviews
Yogi Green Tea Pure Decaf
The brand remains true to taste and quality with their decaf green tea as well.

What We Like:
  • Naturally Extracted Caffeine: the caffeine is naturally extracted via the carbon dioxide process. This helps the leaves maintain their flavor and high antioxidant levels.
  • Great Taste: this tea has a light and bright flavor to it. As such, it is quite refreshing to drink hot or cold. 
  • Good Quality Leaves: the leaves have been carefully selected to produce a better quality brew. As an added bonus, the tea is also organic.
What We Don’t Like:
  • Slightly Higher Caffeine Content: there is around 10mg of caffeine for every bag. While this is quite low, it is still higher than many other brands on this list.

This concludes our search for the best decaf green tea. There are plenty of options available and you now know which brand will suit you best.

As you can see, simply abiding by the decaf label on the box isn’t enough. You have to analyze every element of your green tea before making a purchase.

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