Your Guide to the Top 5 Starbucks Matcha Drinks

August 5, 2022

Starbucks has been leading the matcha craze for quite a while and there aren't any signs that it will be stopping soon. From traditional to creative, there are five matcha drinks to choose from on the Starbucks menu. Here are the Starbucks matcha drinks that you should try for yourself!

A Note About Starbucks Matcha

Before you go any further, it is important to understand just what goes into a Starbucks matcha beverage. Traditional matcha is made from young Japanese green tea leaves that have been finely ground into a powder.

What Starbucks baristas use, however, is quite different. For one thing, there isn't much information on what kind of ground green tea goes into the Starbucks drinks, but it isn't a high quality grade. As such, the matcha flavor isn't going to be as authentic.

The other thing that you should be aware of is that Starbucks only uses sweetened matcha. All of the matcha offerings contain a pre-sweetened blend and you can't order any drinks without it.

What this all adds up to is that your Starbucks matcha drinks aren't very healthy. This is something that you should keep in mind if you are ordering these beverages for health or weight loss purposes.

The Best Matcha Drinks

Here are the top beverages that are perfect pick-me-up for any day:

1. Matcha Tea Latte

This is a smooth and creamy matcha concoction that is perfect for a cold day. Steamed milk is added to the matcha powder and hot water. You can opt for regular milk or a plant-based version. As the matcha green tea latte is already sweetened, there isn't any need for sugar, but there are several syrups to choose from to flavor your matcha latte.

For a grande size:

  • Calories: 240
  • Sugar: 32 g
  • Caffeine: 80 mg

2. Iced Matcha Tea Latte

This iced matcha tea latte is the perfect alternative when the temperature begins to rise. Here, milk and ice are added to the matcha tea latte, but you still enjoy the trademark Starbucks matcha taste. Whole milk adds creaminess to the iced matcha green tea latte but coconut milk and oat milk work just as well. If you are in the mood to splurge, add some whipped cream on the top.

For grande size:

  • Calories: 200
  • Sugar: 28 g
  • Caffeine: 80 mg

3. Iced Matcha Lemonade

If you're after something a bit more refreshing, then this matcha lemonade is sure to hit the spot. Matcha powder is mixed with sparkling lemonade and then shaken together with ice. The result is a well-balanced matcha flavor with a hint of tartness, and just enough sweetness to keep you satisfied.

For grande size:

  • Calories: 120
  • Sugar: 27 g
  • Caffeine: 80 mg

4. Matcha Crème Frappuccino

This crème frappuccino is just what you need when you feel like indulging in something decadent. It is sweet, creamy, and topped off with whipped cream as an added bonus! In case you are wondering how the crème frappuccino is different from the matcha green tea latte, it has frappuccino syrup and classic syrup added to it.

  • Calories: 420
  • Caffeine: 80 mg

5. Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink

This pineapple matcha drink may not be advertised in every Starbucks menu. However, all you have to do is to request your barista to mix up the proper ingredients and you will be good to go. Ask for matcha powder to be combined with coconut milk. Add pineapple ginger syrup to the mix, shake well, and pour over ice.

  • Calories: 170
  • Sugar: 27 g
  • Caffeine: 80 mg

Creating Your Own Starbucks Matcha Drinks

The beauty of Starbucks, though, is that you have the freedom to mix and match ingredients, creating your very own drink. You can use the above five drinks as a starting point and then add to them to add little pops of flavor.

Or, you can use the matcha tea blend as a base and create a concoction of your own choosing. The sky is the limit! If you do feel like you need some inspiration, however, here are some ideas to consider:

Add Vanilla Syrup

Vanilla and matcha work really well together and one or more pumps of the flavor can help to create a more well-balanced drink. You will find that the vanilla flavor is especially great when added to the matcha green tea latte and the frappuccino.

Add Fruit Juice

Did you know that you can add fruit juice to your matcha lemonade? You have the option of apple juice or peach blend. If you want to add more dimensions of flavor, then this is the way to do it. Either option will make a tasty option.

What's also great about adding the fruit juices is that it sweetens the matcha lemonade without going overboard.

Use White Chocolate Drinks as a Base

White chocolate is another great flavor for matcha. Therefore, make your own Starbucks matcha brew by asking your barista to add a few scoops of matcha powder to the drink and to blend it well. This works for hot and cold versions.

Now, if you don't mind making your barista jump through a few hoops, then you can actually recreate the matcha white chocolate frappuccino in any outlet.

Here, the matcha powder needs to be mixed in with white chocolate sauce until it forms a drizzle. Have your barista pour this over a white chocolate frappuccino. Mix and enjoy! You may want to give this a try when the cafe is nearly empty and don't forget to tip your barista well!

person making a matcha drink

Use Coconut Milk

Keep in mind that Starbucks coconut milk is their own blend so it is a bit different to what you may be used to. This blend is creamier and sweeter and is a great way to add texture and nuanced flavor to your beverage. The slight nuttiness from the coconut also pairs really well with the matcha.

What You Should Know About Starbucks Matcha Drinks

Here are some of things that you should be aware of when ordering Starbucks matcha drinks:

Matcha is Added by Scoops

When baristas add the matcha tea blend to drinks, they add it by the scoop. The hot and iced matcha latte as well as the lemonade and pineapple matcha drink have three scoops. This amounts to 80 mg of caffeine. The frapuccino contains a little less.

When whipping up your own drink, you can add fewer or more scoops, depending on your preference. Just remember that it isn't just the caffeine content that increases with every scoop - the sugar content does as well.

2% Milk is Standard

If you don't provide the barista with any other instructions, then your drink will be made with 2%, also known as reduced fat milk. If you want a creamier matcha drink, then you can ask for full fat instead. To make it vegan, opt for a plant-based drink.

Nutrition Info is Calculated by Grande Size

You should also be aware that the number of calories, caffeine content, etc. are all calculated according to the grande 16 ounce drink. If you get a smaller or larger matcha drink, then these values will increase or decrease accordingly.

iced matcha drink

Can You Make Starbucks Matcha Drinks at Home?

Yes, to a certain degree you can replicate most of the matcha-based Starbucks drinks. It can be tricky with some syrups such as pineapple ginger, but you may be able to buy or even make your very own.

Now, the Starbucks matcha tea blend is available for purchase and you may want to invest in it. Understand, the traditional powder is made from finely ground green tea. This Japanes green tea powder doesn't dissolve in water, though, and is suspended in the water.

The Starbucks matcha tea blend has been ground even more finely, however and dissolves in water. Thus, it is far easier for you to make matcha drinks with it. Not to mention, you may find the added sweetness more pleasing as well.

It is still a good idea to use a shaker or blender to mix all the ingredients together really well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about Starbucks matcha tea blend drinks:

1. How do you order healthy matcha at Starbucks?

As the Starbucks matcha tea blend contains sugar, all the drinks will contain sugar as well. You can make the drink healthier by using a skimmed or plant-based milk and keeping the ingredient list as short and simple as possible.

2. Is Starbucks pineapple matcha good for you?

With the pineapple ginger syrup, this drink does contain quite a bit of sugar. At the same time, it is only 170 calories and so is far from the worst thing that you can order.

This concludes all you need to know about Starbucks matcha drinks. You are now aware of what to order, how to tweak the order to suit your tastes, and more! You are all set to order your very own matcha beverage.

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