Lady Grey Tea: Understanding the Other Blend in the Noble Family

August 5, 2022

Lady Grey tea simply has more of a citrus flavor than Earl Grey tea.

Despite my love of exploring all types of tea, I was introduced to Lady Grey tea rather late in light. Nevertheless, I found this brew delightful and had to learn more about it!

In this post, I will outline what this tea actually is, how it is different from Earl Grey tea, the benefits, and more! Let’s begin!

What is Lady Grey Tea?

Let’s first ask the most important question of them all – what is Lady Grey tea?

Now, this blend may sound posh and clearly has an alliance with Earl Grey tea.

Despite this, Lady Grey doesn’t have as rich of a history as her counterpart.

In reality, the more appropriate name for this tea would be Twinings Lady Grey tea.

This is because it was dreamed up by the tea manufacturer.

Lady Grey was launched in the 90s for the Nordic population who found Earl Grey tea to be too strong for them.

So, Twinings released a lighter version that added a bit more citrus to the formula.  

Currently, they are the only manufacturer to make this particular blend.

While there may be similar blends, they will not bear the title Lady Grey tea.

Cup of Lady Grey Tea

Lady Grey Tea vs. Earl Grey Tea

So, when you compare the best Earl Grey tea to the top Lady Grey options, what is the real difference?

Well, as with Earl Grey tea, Lady Grey is a black tea that has been flavored with bergamot as well.

However, Lady Grey contains flavors of other citrus fruits as well.

This includes Seville oranges and lemon.

At the same time, you will find that the tea in the Lady Grey blend is more subtle and isn't as strong.

Since it is only produced by Twinings, a cup of Lady Grey tea should always taste the same.

This is because the ingredients and their content are unlikely to change.

However, as multiple tea manufacturers may create blends labeled Earl Grey, this brew may taste different from one brand to another.

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Lady Grey Tea Benefits

There is something that you should note about this blend.

Lady grey tea bags have a different composition to loose leaf Lady Grey tea.

The tea bags tend to be flavored with bergamot, lemon, and orange.

Furthermore, the tea quality of the bags may be significantly lower.

The loose leaf tea, on the other hand, tends to have actual citrus peel and boast higher quality tea.

Due to this, the exact health benefits may vary from one type to another.

However, here are some of the health benefits that you may gain from drinking Lady Grey tea…

For bergamot tea, you may be able to experience the following benefits:

  • Overall good health due to high antioxidant content
  • Improved oral health
  • Relief from colds
  • Hydration
  • Stress relief
  • Possible prevention of heart disease
  • Improved digestion
  • Potential as weight loss remedy
  • Improved mood
  • Greater energy boost

The addition of the citrus peel can have these added advantages:

  • Potential anti-cancer properties
  • May boost immune system
  • Could prevent gallstones

This brew can also be the perfect pick-me-up and can instantly brighten up your mood.

After all, the scent of citrus can be incredibly invigorating. Thus, you won’t even need the caffeine in the tea! 

Lady Grey Tea Caffeine Content

Since Lady Grey has black tea in it, it stands to reason that it contains caffeine.

So, how much caffeine does this blend have?

Well, it is estimated that Lady Grey tea has been 14 and 29mg of caffeine when brewed for between 1 and 5 minutes.

And how much caffeine is in Twinings Earl Grey tea?

There is around 19 and 25mg for the same steeping period.

Thus, on occasions, Lady Earl Grey may contain more caffeine.

However, you should note that Earl Grey tea can be produced by any tea manufacturer.

As such, the actual caffeine content will differ from one cup to another.

Lady Grey Tea Bag

How to Brew Lady Grey Tea

As mentioned, Lady Grey tea is a proprietary blend.

Due to this, it is best to follow the instructions provided by Twinings.

This is sure to produce the best possible flavors.

In particular, pay attention to the steeping time.

Steeping the tea bags or the tea leaves will ensure that the citrus and black tea flavors are fully introduced without becoming bitter.

How to Drink Lady Grey Tea

Many people aren't quite sure how to drink a cup of Lady Grey tea.

Well, there are a few things to note here.

As previously stated, the teabags may not contain as much citrus oil and the black tea may be a bit bitterer.

Thus, you can add some sweetener – preferably honey – to the drink.

This may help to liven up the flavor further.

It is also possible to add a splash of milk.

Avoid going overboard, though, as the milk may not taste that great with the citrus flavors.

When brewing the loose leaf tea leaves, it is best to avoid both milk and sugar.

For one thing, the citrus oils in the loose leaf tea may be stronger. Therefore, there is a good chance that these ingredients will curdle the milk.

As for the sugar, this can take away from the beautiful and bold flavors of citrus. This would certainly be a shame.

It is best to drink this tea without any additions.

If you don’t mind an additional hint of citrus, feel free to add a slice of fresh lemon or orange to the tea.

This may add a hint of natural sweetness without robbing the original tea of its beautiful fragrance.

So, this is what Lady Grey tea is. While it may have ties to Earl Grey tea, it certainly stands on its own.

And while it may not be as famous, it has its own, unique following.

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