Is Yogi Tea Organic? An Analysis of the Brand

August 5, 2022

All of the Yogi teas are made with organic ingredients, but not all of the products are USDA approved.

As a dietician, I have to do more than just ensure that my clients are eating a healthy diet. It is also my diet to make sure that they are consuming safe food and drink as well. And, with the increasing number of reports about heavy metals and pesticides in teas, I had to ask myself is Yogi tea organic?

After all, this is a popular brand of tea and many clients drink it. As such, I decided to do some research and figure out if Yogi tea is good to drink. In this post, I will talk about whether it is pesticide free, whether it is regulated by the appropriate authorities, and will also delve into whether or not this tea is good for you.

Let’s get started!

Is Yogi Tea Pesticide-Free?

According to the Yogi website, all of their teas are organic. As a result, they meet the following criteria:

  • Don’t contain artificial ingredients
  • Don’t contain GMO ingredients
  • Don’t contain ingredients that have been contaminated by ionizing radiation or sewer sludge.

 However, they have stated that the “vast majority” of their Yogi teas are USDA Organic Certified or have been designated with the Made with Organic title.

Now, why don’t all of their teas have this label?

Well, USDA regulations clarify that for a food or drink product to receive the USDA Organic Certification, the item must contain no less than 95 percent of organic ingredients. And, for the Made with Organic, the food or drink item must have at least 70 percent of organic ingredients.

This means that there are a select number of Yogi teas that contain organic teas and ingredients, just not enough to qualify for certification or labeling. You will be able to identify these teas and products by their lack of a USDA label.

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Is Yogi Tea FDA Approved?

No, the Yogi tea facility isn’t FDA approved. The lack of this approval isn’t a red flag. Most teas, food products, and supplements aren’t subject to FDA regulations. Thus, many brands don’t really bother with this certification.

However, the Yogi facility is Organically Certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI). This is a third party organic certifier that is tasked with checking the purity and safety of the ingredients at every step of the supply chain. This ensures that all the products are created according to the National Organic Program guidelines and standards.

Is Yogi Tea High Quality?

Taste is subjective, so it can be tricky to determine whether Yogi tea is high quality in that regard. Not to mention, the brand is known for its unique blends and doesn’t really take the traditional route. Furthermore, the company’s focus is on health rather than offering a superior taste.

When it comes to the actual quality of the ingredients, the Yogi brand does appear to be doing a good job. They source their ingredients rather carefully and, as mentioned, they do make an effort to add organic ingredients whenever possible. In this case, it can be considered a high quality tea.

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Is Yogi Tea Good for You?

There are numerous blends of Yogi teas. This brand offers up true teas, herbal teas, berry teas, and more. In many cases, the teas are available as blends with various natural ingredients being mixed together.

Then, is Yogi tea good for you?

Well, this all depends on the individual components of each blend. Most true and herbal teas have some health benefits. However, teas may only have a minimal impact on your health, especially if you drink them sporadically. This is because most blends only contain minute amount of nutrients and antioxidants. Nevertheless, they are a better alternative to sodas and other sugary drinks.

It should be noted that not all natural ingredients are necessarily good for you. There are some herbs and fruits that can have a negative impact on your health if you have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions, take specific medications, are pregnant or breastfeeding.

This is why you should also check the list of ingredients available in each kind of tea. Determine if they have contraindications with food, alcohol, drugs, or other supplements. When in doubt, it is a good idea to consult your doctor to decide whether a particular tea is right for you.

Is It Safe to Drink Yogi Tea Every Day?

Once again, this all depends on the ingredients of the tea. If it is just true tea, you should be fine. Most herbal and berry teas are safe as well. Nevertheless, always check the ingredients and quantity in the tea. Then, make sure that you are staying within your limits.

This will prevent any side effects arising from overconsumption.

If you have never tried a particular ingredient before, it is best to start off by drinking just a single cup a day. If you don’t notice any side effects, you can increase your intake slowly. Even then, make sure that you are staying within the recommended limits.

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What is the Healthiest Yogi Tea?

It is difficult to determine what the healthiest tea is. After all, it all does depend on the exact results that you are hoping for. You can find teas for immune support, digestive issues, energy, sleep problems, wellness, detoxing, and more.

Not to mention, people tend to have rather unique reactions to ingredients. What may work for one person may not be a good solution for someone else. Therefore, it is most important that you find the tea that has the greatest number of benefits for you.

Most of the Yogi teas are nearly all organic and have been chosen rather carefully. Therefore, it is one of the better brand out there when it comes to safety. The ingredients are rather high quality as well.

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