Does Tea Flush Out Sodium: Is This Remedy Worth Its Salt?

August 5, 2022

If you have overindulged in salt, you are going to be happy to learn that tea can help you to flush it out.

The one thing that a majority of my clients struggle with is moderating their salt intake. Almost all their favorite foods contain high amounts of sodium and it can be difficult not to binge every now and then. Of course, they regret it shortly afterwards and reach out to me asking does tea flush out sodium? I let them know that it does!

This post will show you just why you can use tea to get salt out of your system and how to use it. I’ve also added a few red flags so that you know that you should use this remedy sparingly. Let’s take a look at what you need to know:

How Do You Rid Your Body of Excess Salt?

As mentioned, drinking tea can help to get rid of excess salt. This is because tea is mostly made up of water, which works to hydrate your body. Also, the more fluids that you consume, the more likely you are to urinate more frequently. This works to get rid of the salt more quickly.

Tea is better than most other drinks – with the exception of water – because it doesn’t really contain any ingredients that can put a strain on your system. Therefore, it should be more effective at flushing out the sodium without causing any further issues.

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Can You Flush Out Sodium with Water?

Absolutely – water is one of the best ways to flush sodium out of your system. The only downside is that most people struggle to drink large quantities of water during a short period of time. The lack of taste makes them unwilling to stick with this particular remedy.

This is why experts like myself will often recommend drinking tea instead. Individuals will easily drink a ton of their favorite brew without really thinking about. Thus, it is an easier tactic for them to work with. You just have to make sure that the tea is unsweetened and doesn’t contain any milk.

If you want to add a bit more flavor, feel free to brighten it up with some lemon or other citrus fruit.

How Can I Flush Sodium Out of My System Fast?

One of the easiest ways to flush out the sodium is to significantly increase your fluid intake, including tea, for a short period of time. This way, your body will automatically work to get rid of the sodium in your system. In turn, this should help to reduce the bloating and discomfort that you are experiencing.

Do avoid going overboard, though. Whenever you urinate, you do lose other electrolytes such as calcium, chloride, and potassium. Due to this, you want to avoid causing an electrolyte imbalance which can cause other issues.

You should cut back on the fluid intake if you feel like you are urinating too frequently. Also, take note of the color of the urine. If it is clear instead of light yellow, it means that you are taking in too many fluids. 

At the same time, there you may want to think about increasing the consumption of potassium-rich foods as well. Interestingly enough, potassium helps your body to get rid of sodium more quickly. It lessens the impact of the sodium and also makes it easier to excrete the sodium via urine. You should aim to consume about 4700mg a day.

Another trick that you can try is to work out, even though this may be the last thing that you do. When you sweat, you aren't just losing water, but also salt. So, a bit of intense workout could be just the thing that you need. However, you do need to remember to replenish the fluids that you are losing during your exercise.

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How Much Tea Should You Drink to Flush Out Sodium?

Yes, tea is great for you and it can definitely help to get rid of excess sodium. Nevertheless, you will discover that it is possible to have too much of a good thing. The main issue with teas is that true teas contain caffeine.

Drinking too much caffeine will cause you to feel shaky and can even make you feel pretty irritable. Also, you will find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep. Due to this, it is all about moderating your intake.

Now, in most cases, I would suggest that you stick to just two to three cups of tea a day. This should help you to enjoy the health benefits without going overboard on the caffeine. Unfortunately, this isn't enough if you are trying to flush out your system.

This is why I would suggest that you make a more diluted version of your favorite tea. Infuse the water with the tea rather than making a full-blown brew. Or, brew your tea like you usually do. Then, add enough water to make a liter or more out of the drink. You will find that this often tastes better with iced water.

Then, you can get just enough flavor to make water more palatable, but aren't running the risk of any side effects. I would also suggest switching things up by adding herbal teas like chamomile, lemon, ginger, peppermint, etc. Even with herbal teas I would advise you to stick with more diluted forms, just to be on the safe side.

Yes, tea does flush out sodium and now you know exactly how to use it to your advantage. This means that the next time that you overindulge on your favorite salty treats, you know exactly what to do to get rid of the excess sodium.

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