So Long Extra Pounds! Here’s the Best Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

August 5, 2022

Losing weight is difficult, as we all know. So, if you are looking for some help in this department, you may have considered turning to oolong tea.

Now, there is some evidence to show that oolong tea can be useful as a weight loss aid.

However, this is only provided that you select the best oolong tea for weight loss.

In case you aren't quite certain how to do this, we have provided some tips below.

Here you can discover the top brands to invest in as well as get a better idea of how to choose the right kind of oolong tea for your requirements.  

Why You Should Add Oolong Tea to a Diet Plan

It is important to understand just how oolong tea can help with weight loss. After all, you shouldn’t blindly follow the latest fads.

The good news for you is that oolong tea has several features that make it easier to shed some pounds:

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Increases Energy Expenditure

One of the ways oolong tea works is by increasing energy expenditure.When you can expend more energy, you will burn a greater number of calories. In turn, you can lose a greater amount of weight.

What's interesting about this study was the candidates: they ate typical diets, didn’t engage in extreme physical exercise, and didn’t have a history of weight loss.

This goes to show that the energy expenditure promoting effects of oolong tea can be useful to everyone. 

Oolong tea for weight loss

Reduces Subcutaneous Fat

Although the terms may be used interchangeably, weight loss and fat loss isn’t the same thing.

There are some diets and even exercise plans that can cause you to shed water weight and muscle weight.

However, while the scale may be showing you lower numbers, your body is still carrying a lot of fat.

Thus, you may not be able to achieve the physique you want. More importantly, excess fat isn't good for your health.

Well, the good news is that oolong tea can help in this area as well.

In one experiment, obese and overweight individuals were given the equivalent of 8g of oolong tea for 6 weeks.

At the end of the study, it was discovered that they hadn’t just lost weight, they had lost fat as well.

The women in the study experienced a noticeable decline in their waist size as well.

All in all, this proves that oolong tea can help with fat loss, ensuring that your weight loss is healthier and more efficient as well.

Inhibits Pancreatic Lipase Activity

Oolong tea isn't just great for existing fat stores in the body. It can reduce how much future fat is absorbed in the body as well.

If you have a diet that is high in fat, an enzyme known as pancreatic lipase breaks down the fat so that it can be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.

Oolong tea, though, acts as an inhibitor to this enzyme.

Due to this, the fats aren't broken down and absorbed. This reduces the risk of them being turned into fat stores that cause you to gain weight.

Instead, you can pass out most of the fat that is consumed in your diet.

How to Choose the Right Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

The studies mentioned in the previous section all found that polyphenols were largely responsible for weight loss.

However, polyphenol content isn't the same for all oolong teas.

Thus, if you want to ensure that you are buying leaves with the highest amounts, pay attention to the following factors:

cups of Oolong tea

The Location

It appears that where your tea is grown can matter. This is because the environments can often have an impact on the end result.

Due to this, it is best to turn your attention to oolong teas grown in China and Taiwan.

Keep in mind, this is where oolong teas were initially grown. As such, the growers are more capable of growing plants that are higher in antioxidants and polyphenols.  

If you are buying tea from China or Taiwan, you may want to opt for organic brands.

Some people are skeptical about heavy metals and other components in the growing soil in these regions.

So, if you want to ensure that you are drinking the best tea possible, look for a brand that has been approved by the USDA.

The Altitude

There is also some evidence to show that oolong teas grown at a high altitude are the best.

It is one of the more important deciding factors when determining whether or not teas will have a higher number of polyphenols.

Fortunately for you, this information is easy enough to find. Most brands will readily boast about their tea leaves being grown in such conditions.

The Processing Skill

It should be noted that processing is incredibly important when it comes to oolong teas.

These leaves are certainly more complex than other types of teas. Due to this, they need to be processed rather carefully.

This will ensure that the leaves produce an excellent taste as well as a higher number of antioxidants.

Thus, you should look for brands that go into great detail about their processing methods.

Look for high-quality ones that take steps to process the leaves under precise conditions and in a careful manner.

How to Drink Oolong Tea for Weight Loss – The Best Preparation Method

There is a specific way that you should be preparing oolong tea for weight loss.

A study showed that it is best to brew a full-strength cup of tea.

This means that you should use around 15 grams (3.6 teaspoons) of tea per 300ml (1.2 cups) of water.

Scientists have also found the perfect steeping temperature and time for your oolong tea.

If you follow these directions, you will be able to extract a greater amount of antioxidants.

According to the research, you should steep the leaves in 100°C water for 3 minutes.

If you put the leaves in hotter water or leave them in the water for a longer period, this will result in a loss of antioxidants.

Now, it should be noted that some of these conditions may be a little extreme.

For instance, using so many tea leaves and steeping for this long may result in a more potent brew.

If you find it difficult to enjoy such a brew, you can opt for a slightly diluted brew.

The only downside is that the weight loss results may not be as quick or as drastic as you would like.

The Best Oolong Tea Brands for Weight Loss

Here are the top brands that can help you with your weight loss journey:

Tealyra Oolong Tea
This is one of the better quality of oolong teas. It has been grown for its flavor, but it is just as great in aiding in your weight loss journey.

What We Like:

  • Grown in China: this tea is authentically sourced from China, ensuring that your tea is bound to have a greater number of weight loss-aiding catechins in it.
  • Delicious Flavor and Aroma: these leaves produce a gorgeous amber tea that has a delightfully floral taste and aroma. Even novice tea drinkers are sure to love it.
  • Continued Freshness: the packaging makes it easier to keep this tea fresher for longer.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Light Flavor: the taste can be a bit mild. So, if you are drinking the tea for its taste, you may need to upgrade to a stronger brew.
Teamonk Tapas Oolong Tea
This brand of tea has been processed to specifically aid in weight loss. Thus, if your main reason for drinking oolong tea is shedding pounds, this is the brand for you.

What We Like:

  • Grown in a High Region: these leaves are grown in a high, mountainous area, increasing the chance that the leaves will contain a greater number of polyphenols.
  • Carefully Chosen Teas: the teas are very carefully picked. As such, you end up with long, high-quality leaves that result in a better-tasting brew.
  • Low in Caffeine: this tea is relatively low in caffeine. Due to this, you can drink more of it during the day without negatively impacting your sleep schedule.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not Ideal Source: the tea is grown in the Himalayas instead of China or Taiwan.
Golden Moon Oolong Tea
441 Reviews
Golden Moon Oolong Tea
If you want a high-quality, delicious introduction to oolong tea, consider this brand. It is a great way to kickstart your oolong tea addiction.

What We Like:

  • Well Harvested: the tea leaves which are sourced from China are harvested during peak season. This allows the leaves to remain fresh and to retain a greater amount of their nutrients.
  • Great Taste: this tea has a delicious creamy flavor which can be a great introduction to people who are new to oolong tea.
  • Stays Fresh for Longer: you will find it a breeze to keep your oolong tea leaves fresher for a longer period.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Expensive: this can be a rather expensive drink to indulge in, particularly if you want to use it frequently for weight loss.

What We Like:

  • Excellent Source: these tea leaves are sourced from the highest regions of the Alishan region of Taiwan. Thus, there's a good chance that they contain an increased number of polyphenols.
  • Well Processed: the tea leaves are carefully processed to ensure that they maintain most of their nutrients and to avoid any over-processing. 
  • Can Be Re-infused: the tea leaves can be re-infused up to five times, allowing you to stretch out your use of the tea leaves a little more.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Lacks Promised Creamy Flavor: these leaves are said to boast a milky, creamy brew, however, these notes don’t come through.
Positively Tea Company Oolong Tea
882 Reviews
Positively Tea Company Oolong Tea
If you are looking for an affordable, good quality tea, then this is the brand for you. It is especially suitable for new oolong tea drinkers.

What We Like:

  • Sourced from China: the tea is sourced from the Fujian Province in China, ensuring that it is grown in the most appropriate conditions for antioxidants.
  • Single Source: all the sources are from a single source estate, meaning that the purity of the tea leaves is maintained.
  • Good Quantity: you get a good quantity and can drink the tea for a longer period, allowing for greater weight loss.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Lacks Depth of Taste: the taste of this tea isn't as nearly as complex as some of the more premium brands. Thus, it may not be suitable for expert drinkers.

Choosing the best oolong tea for weight loss may not be as straightforward as you imagined.

However, now that you are equipped with all this information, you can pick out the right brand.

If you would like to learn more about teas that offer health benefits or help with weight loss, head to our Pinterest page for more posts like this.

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